Richmond, Virginia
November 18, 2000

Runner's High did not provide the timing services for this event. We provided the chip timing equipment for the half-marathon split and the 20 mile mark. The race was timed by Capital Running Company from Washington, DC. We downloaded a file the night before the race to experiment with some changes in our software. We did not have the day of race entries and roster changes after the night before the race. Our results are UNOFFICIAL RESULTS since the late entries are ommitted. We have posted the results here to illustrate the different options our software was able to compile. These results are posted here as a service to our website visitors from Western PA. We do not want to take anything away from the race timer's site or the race's site. To find the official results for the race check out Capital Running Company's website at The Richmond Marathon has their own website at

As an unrelated note, please notice that this marathon was almost won overall by a women. The Russian women won a Voltswagon Beetle for her course record performance of 2:31:24. She does not have a US driver's license, so she optioned for a cash payout instead. At one point in the final 10K, she was leading the entire race.

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Unofficial Chip Time Results with Half Marathon Splits

Unofficial Results with Chip Time vs Clock Time

Unofficial Chip Time Age Graded Results

Explanation of Age Grading

Ultimate 11 Column Kitchen Sink Results

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