Grove City, PA May 17, 2000

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KIDS RACE (To Be Posted Soon)

The ChampionChip Technology debuted in Grove City on this date.
This was the first race in Western PA other than the Pgh Marathon
and Pgh's Great Race to use this technology.

A few quirks were found in the software, and the initial chip data
appeared very inaccurate. For the sake of efficiency, we aborted
to the standard tearoff tag method which was done as a back-up.
This delayed the results, since was started the back-up operation
wasn't started until 50 minutes in the race.

When we got a chance to look over the original data from the chip mats,
we found that the data was accurate. We merely omitted a step that
we thought was done automatically by the software. We won't
make THAT MISTAKE again.

The impending storm didn't help matters either.

There may still be a bug or two in the system, but we learned a lot tonight.
Look ahead to a lot of super quick results, and a lot more races
using the chip. Thank you for your support.

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