Ice Cream Race 5K

Grove City, PA

August 15, 2007

With 493 Day of Race entrants, we broke another QUAD record. Every name had to be entered into the computer before scoring. This taxed my typing skills to the max (Thanks to Mrs. Hoovler, my high school typing teacher who ironically was my mother's typing teacher too). The fact that I had to quit typing for 17:44 while I ran my fastest 5K of the year, certainly added to the stress level. Although I had to enter almost 100 final names after I finished, the results were printed by the time the kid's race started at 7:46pm.

Last year, we had 549 finishers in the 5K and 103 in the Kids Race for 652 finishers. This year, we had 605 in the 5K and 124 in the Kids Race for 729 finishers.

Next year is the 25th anniversary of the QUAD and the Ice Cream Race will mark the 100th QUAD event. There was world wide recognition of the 100th running of the Boston Marathon in 1996. We don't expect world wide exposure, but look for some creative things in next year's race for an effort to get 1000 finishers.

We had 101 gallons of ice cream on hand, and there was barely a gallon left (for me) when the last person left, thus tying last year's amount of 99.5 gallons.

After 24 years, only three people have run all 96 races.
Gale Carey, Peter Johns, Marian Johns
Congratulations - Hang in there for One More Year!

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