Welcome to the Runner's High Web Calendar

The purpose of this calendar is to provide a service to the running community for upcoming events in the Western Pennsylvania vicinity. It is NOT intended to be a full schedule of all events in the region.

The service is FREE to all events using Runner's High timing services, with or without ChampionChip timing technology. Other events can be listed (at the sole discretion of Runner's High) for a nominal advertising fee. Over 2.3 million views have "hit" on our calendar, and it is the most popular running site in the region.

Event Director Disclaimer:

Runner's High provides state-of-the art timing services with the most popular timing technology in the world, the ChampionChip. We provide services to over 350 events per year making us one of the busiest timers in the country.

We use the web calendar exclusively for assistance in scheduling new events. Therefore, it is manditory for events that want to use our services to post their event on our calendar. If the event is NOT listed on our calendar, their is no guarantee that we will have a timing crew available for your event.