Our timing service utilizes several types of chips.

If you were issued a white shoe chip, these are souvenir/disposable chips. They do not need to be returned. They are yours to keep. They can not be used again, but please remove them from your shoe so they don't interfere with the next chip you place on your shoe.

The black and yellow chips are NOT disposable, and must be returned to Runner's High. The event will be charged $35 for each unreturned chip and the event will eventually bill the runner. If you still have your chip, please return it before the billing process starts.

**Pack the chip in a padded envelope. The chip will tear through a standard envelope and will be lost in the mail. If this happens, you will still be billed for the lost chip.

**Include a note in the envelope including or better yet, print this form, fill it out and enclose in the package:

Name of Race ____________________________________________________________________________

Name of Runner __________________________________________________________________________

Race number (if known) ____________________________________________________________________

Your name and email address / phone number ___________________________________________________

**The package requires extra postage because of thickness of the envelope, not because of the weight. Make sure you affix 2 stamps postage

**Send to:
S. Mark Courtney
Runner's High
83 Cranberry Rd
Grove City, PA 16127

(724) 866-1374

Thank you.