First- Click on the appropriate HS or College Radio Button.
If your team DOES NOT appear on the list on the right, ADD TEAM to create a user account with password and register your team.
Your email address is your password until you change it.
Enter all runners (all grades) on your team who may be participating in one or more of the UPCOMING EVENTS.

Enter all the runners from your school into one school roster. Don't make separate team listings for boys and girls or HS, MS or JrHi, unless you have more than 50-60 runners in any one of the categories.
Deadline for entering data into this system is 7:00 pm, three days prior to the day of the meet, unless otherwise instructed.

If your team DOES appear above, then your team is registered in the database, and you are now ready to ASSIGN YOUR SCHOOL TO A RACE.
Double click on your team to access your roster.
After you enter your password, you will see the names in your database file.
Click the "ON" box for each runner who will be PARTICIPATING in the event.
Then click ASSIGN YOUR SCHOOL TO A RACE, and select the event from the list.
To verify your work, click on the event name, and then VIEW the list above to see if your team appears in the list of registered teams.
If you need to make a change in your roster after registering it for an event, double click on your school name again and make the edits.
When you ASSIGN YOUR SCHOOL TO THE SAME RACE AGAIN, it will overwrite your original submission.
The next time you register for an event, the system will remember which names you have selected as "participating", so edit it as needed.