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Event: Wildcat Park 5k Trail Run
Location: Wildcat Park- Ludlow, PA
Date / Time: Aug 25, 2018 - 8:30 AM
Distance: 5k
Street Address: 896 Olmsted Road
Event Description This is the first Annual Wildcat Park Trail Run. The check in and registration will be at the Ludlow Volunteer Fire Department at 4 Curtis Road, Ludlow, PA 16333. This serves as a good starting point as there is approximately a 1/2 mile of road running before getting to the trail. This will allow racers to spread out before getting on the trail. The face finishes at the beautiful Wildcat Park. There will be transportation provided to get you back to the Fire Hall to pick up your vehicle.
Contact Information
Name: Rabecca Dase
Address: P.O. Box 153
City, State Zip: Ludlow, PA16333
Phone: 716-353-3368
Alternate Phone: 814-945-7976




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